Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kid's are too funny...what do your kids say?

Josh stayed home today.  He had a stuffy nose and "couldn't go to school under these conditions".  {What 7 year old says that???}

I gave in - he hasn't missed a day yet. 

What has he done?  Well, watched Charlie Brown's Christmas in Spanish.  And wouldn't let me fix it.  {Just a note: we don't really know Spanish.  Thanks to Dora we can save blue and green along with a few random words} But he watched it.  And "talked" back to the T.V.

Then he has been driving me bonkers  talking to me about his next  years Halloween costume.  He wants it to be Bowser. 

Uhhhh kid.  I'm stressed out to my eyeballs trying to get Christmas done right now.  Please, don't talk to me about a Halloween costume you want me to make for 300 days from now.

We went to Joann's where he got a nutcracker and proudly announced that he was going to start his own business.  A nut cracking business.  With his nutcracker (who is dressed up as a baker).  Why did he chose the baker?  Because his nut cracking business is for people who want to make peanut butter.  Only $10 per peanut.  {My kid will own his own business one day - he has also wanted a pizza place.  And he told me he was going to serve drinks at a cafe.  I thought oh high ambitions there but being uplifting and supportive I said oh you mean a waiter?  His answer.  No I'm not going to be the waiter someone else is.  Its going to be my cafe.  Good boy.}
Oh and I made cookies.  And he's magically not sick anymore.  {I know what kind of mean mother makes chocolate chip cookies and says are you sure your sick?  Are you suuuuurrre?}
:) Kids are so funny.  What is something funny your kids say?

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