Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I've got another site for you. And all you really have to do is check your mailbox!
Have you been? Just sign up and they send you stuff. Free. Then you go back and say yes I liked it no I didn't. I've gotten sample sized items but I've also gotten full sized products (Panteen shampoo for example). Just the other day I got a package (and I say package because they make the products look super cute when they send it to you. Really. Who knew shampoo could look adorable right?) that had a family dinner time game in it. Some questions are what language do you wish you could speak? What family tradition would you like to start? If your family had a theme song what would it be? And so on.

But the real point of the package was the coupons. I got 6 coupons in total. 1 For a free box of Barilla plus pasta. And the other 5 for buy 1 box get 1 box free coupons. {By the way the pasta is good. Easy way to get extra protein, fiber and omega-3's in. Highly reccomend).

So go sign up!

And make sure you check out the new blog -- Today's Top 20 for 20 projects featured each day!

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