Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mario Room

Sooo my downloading a pattern thing is on the back burner -- because I'm going to have to figure it out...

But here are a few update pics of the Mario room. 
They REALLY need to be ironed before I put them on.  But there are the mario and luigi pillowcases.  And the Luigi pillow.  I still need to make a Mario one. {And he does have a nose -- it's just the same color as his face so slightly hard to see in the picture!}

Star hooks {I need to dab on some eyes} $1.99 (?) and then 40% off at Hooby Lobby.  Perfect attempt at keeping coats off the ground.

Here is a Mario scene I'm painting.  {Those streaks are where the pipes are going} I've got to add the land spaces {you know the areas that are staggard that Mario jumps onto}, the pipes, a few ? boxes and of course the ground.  And that is my artistic talent so I'm not adding any characters. :)

Like the Yoshi egg?  It's a large paper mache egg from Hobby Lobby. 

There are some other things done -- shelves painted kind of thing.  Nothing too exciting.  I really want to get the Mario pillow done and the curtains done this week. And next week we will be going to get PVC pipes.  I've got something I want to do -- we will see if the hubby nixes that plan {darn living in an apt!}. 

Go check out my how to on this spoon rack over at This & That Creative.  I made it to hang my apron on in the kitchen.  Then I searched the kitchen and the last of our moving boxes to realize that I don't have my apron anymore.  One more thing on my to make list...


  1. Argh. My son just happened to be walking by when I opened this page, and went nuts! He wants one of everything. ;) Cool stuff. Good job.

  2. How do you run TWO such cool blogs.

    And would it be too weird of me to follow both?

    Sarahx (your newest stalker!)


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