Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hello everyone!  I've been working in a pj sweat shop this morning (and it's only 11:00 --- I totally forgot about the time change...I was up at the new 7!!). 

I'm not sure it's really a sweat shop with it being this easy.

I really wanted these pj's from Gymboree.  {I worked at the Gymboree outlet until about a month ago}
Cute huh?  They are super soft.  BUT.  I'm cheap cost sauvy.  And I am not paying $25 ($30 at the regular stores) for them.  Sorry.  Not happening.

So today I've been sewing pj pants.  Lounge pants.  Whatever.

They are the same style as the robot pants I posted earlier about.

A few weeks ago (?) Joann's was having their Midnight Madness Sale (again ?).  I picked up a bunch of flannel for $2.30 a yard!! The pants for Joshua take about a yard and a half (with some left over to embellish a shirt.)  I picked up 6 prints. 

That's 6 pj's for $20!! (ok.  $20.70 + $1.45 for tax = $22.15 Just in case some of you are math majors out there...)  That's still less than my 1 gymbo pair. 

Granted I don't have the top.  {I will have 1.  The friendly monsters.  I just haven't made it yet.  Button holes? Never done them.  I know my machine has a thing for them....}

But still. I think mine look pretty cool.  And I know Joshua will think so too when he sees them (he's at Grandmas..)

Plus look at these prints...perfect for boys!!  Fire breathing (truck playing) monsters, vintage baseball, skulls, aliens and friendly monster (I love the I'm an eco monster -- the red blob with flower). 

Oh and did I mention that I was featured.  Me.  I know.  Seriously.  Can't believe it.  For my cupcakes...

You all like them!  Woo hoo!  :)

I was featured by Be Different...Act Normal.  ***LOVE*** her.  I seriously have gone thru all her posts.  Ok not all.  There are like 5000.  But check her out {I'm sure you already go there religiously.  I do.  I love her remember.  But not in a creepy way.}

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  1. Wow! I'm so impressed with the pants...wish I could sew! Yea for your cupcakes!! That is so exciting!!!


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