About Me

Hi everyone!  I'm Amanda!
Yup that's me. 

I spend my days staying at home, blogging, crafting, reading,  and hanging out with my family. 

This blog is where you will find things I've made, tutorials, recipes, and on Friday's my virtual Etsy shopping trips. 

I do have another blog -  Today's Top 20.  If you are into crafts and food you want to make sure you check it out!  Each day there are 20 ideas featured from all across blog land - 5 sewing projects, 5 crafty projects, 5 things to print and 5 recipes.  There is something for everyone!  It's also home to Blogger of the Month - a cool contest at the end of each month. 

I also have one more blog that is currently in the works - The Super Mom Club.  I'll keep you posted on it!  It's going to be really cool! :)

And if keeping up with those 3 weren't enough!  I also have an Etsy Store - A*Designed.  I'd love for you to come check me out!

I love blogging - and I love the group of ladies (and a few good guys too!) who make up this community.  Everyone is so nice and helpful and creative!!  I've met some really awesome friends through this experience - so feel free contact me to with questions, to say or to collaborate on a project!



*coming soon*