Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kid's are too funny...what do your kids say?

Josh stayed home today.  He had a stuffy nose and "couldn't go to school under these conditions".  {What 7 year old says that???}

I gave in - he hasn't missed a day yet. 

What has he done?  Well, watched Charlie Brown's Christmas in Spanish.  And wouldn't let me fix it.  {Just a note: we don't really know Spanish.  Thanks to Dora we can save blue and green along with a few random words} But he watched it.  And "talked" back to the T.V.

Then he has been driving me bonkers  talking to me about his next  years Halloween costume.  He wants it to be Bowser. 

Uhhhh kid.  I'm stressed out to my eyeballs trying to get Christmas done right now.  Please, don't talk to me about a Halloween costume you want me to make for 300 days from now.

We went to Joann's where he got a nutcracker and proudly announced that he was going to start his own business.  A nut cracking business.  With his nutcracker (who is dressed up as a baker).  Why did he chose the baker?  Because his nut cracking business is for people who want to make peanut butter.  Only $10 per peanut.  {My kid will own his own business one day - he has also wanted a pizza place.  And he told me he was going to serve drinks at a cafe.  I thought oh high ambitions there but being uplifting and supportive I said oh you mean a waiter?  His answer.  No I'm not going to be the waiter someone else is.  Its going to be my cafe.  Good boy.}
Oh and I made cookies.  And he's magically not sick anymore.  {I know what kind of mean mother makes chocolate chip cookies and says are you sure your sick?  Are you suuuuurrre?}
:) Kids are so funny.  What is something funny your kids say?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Here is what I posted today over at This & That Creative.  I just love it over there!

Hey friends!  I hope you all are having a fantastic Tuesday.  I think I have something here that will make you all very happy.  I've got something here that makes me happy.  Esp. with my whole candy Christmas theme I've got going on this year.  Well I was going to replace my decorative balls with candy balls but they turned out bigger than I thought.  No sweat.  I'll just turn it into this instead...

Fabulous huh?

Super easy.  And cheap.  This is how.

You need:

Styrofoam ball - I was surprised at how much they were $5 for 2 at Joann's -- bring a 40% of f coupon -- they also take Hobby Lobby coupons.
Candy - I went to the dollar store and got these hard candies.  I also made one in peppermints and gumdrops.  {I ran out of candy so I have to make a trip and then I will post them all together. Ahhh can't wait!}
Hot glue/glue gun
Playdoh x 2 {I'm sure you could use something else ... something that was made for crafts but I used what I had at the house and when I thought about dumping plaster in I thought waaaaay to heavy}
Wooden spoon {again -- a wooden dowel - a thick one - would work.  Got the spoons - a 3 pack of different lengths - at the dollar store as well...and they work}

Step 1.  Glue the candy on the ball.

Step 2. Before you have it all covered make your hole.  Obviously don't go all the way through but you want it pretty deep to make sure it is stable.

Step 3. Paint your pot and spoon.

Step 4. Insert spoon into play doh.  {Except, have spoon painted and I used 1 1/2 things of Playdoh just to make sure it was stable.}  Put in sun and let it dry out.

Step 5.  Cut a felt circle.

Step 6.  Add some tissues for poofiness.  Cover with felt.

Step 7.  Put ball of candy on top.  Ta Da!

Repeat with more candy.  You have a candy forest.

Another thing I like about this besides that it is cheap?  {Total cost: $5 each}

You can totally bring these bad boys back out for Valentine's Day.  Candy hearts?  Ohhh yeah.

See you next Tuesday!!


P.S. As soon as I get more candy and it all set up inside I'll have to update w/ some new pictures! :)

Tis the season --- I heart Christmas. {That's a lot of love people}

Like I said go check out This & That Creative!
I also linked up!

$1 Christmas Card holder

This is very easy.  Very cheap.  And pretty quick.

You need:
felt in assorted colors
clothes pins
hot glue/glue gun

First either draw or google an image of a Christmas tree light.  Then trace it onto grey felt.

Cut out.

Then trace the 'bulb' onto the colored felt.  Cut.

Either glue or sew the colored bulb onto the grey light shape.  I sewed mine but glue would work too.

Cut thin grey lines.  Glue/sew onto the bulb.

Hot glue a clothes pin on the back. 
Glue the ribbon/rope/string to the clothes pins.

That's it.

Hang your cards.  The lights are hung.  The cards are here.  Time to spread Christmas cheer.

HAHAHAHA I just made that up. :)


That's my teaser.  :)

I post over at This & That Creative every Tuesday and that's part of my project.  Don't worry I'm going to post it here too.  Because it is awesome. 

And I'm awesome like that. 


Made it Monday - Card Holder $1 Style!

Hello friends!  It's nice to be back ... and back on schedule.  I hate being off schedule.  Today I am sharing my entry into Fireflies & Jellybean's Iron Crafter.  One of them...If I have time there is something else I want to do too. 

I saw this in the Lillian Vernon catalog.
While it's not really expensive I knew that I could make it for way less. (It retails for $19.99)  The only difference between the two is Lillian's is 'leatherette' and mine is felt.  Oh and mine costs about $1 to make.  

 I haven't officially decided where to hang this so just to get a picture I draped it over my {beautiful} kitchen cabinets.  Bear with me. 
And because I haven't received any Christmas cards yet (if it's because I'm lame don't tell me...just let me think it's because it's early) :) I had to use some note cards I made for my MIL.

The cord/rope I got at the dollar store along with the clothes pins.  It's hard to tell in the pictures but the cord is kind of candy cane like. 

You know for a quick and super cheap craft -- I like it.

I esp. love the little lines on the bulb base.  {Here is my technical description...get ready for it....} You know the little grooves on the part that screws into the light?  {Somebody please help!} The grey part.  How about that?
And this is one of my favorite cards in her note card pack.  She is very active in her church and they do Secret Sisters alot so I thought note cards to tuck inside would be perfect.

This was super easy, come back for step by step how to's!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

So I didn't really post anything today {duh} because I'm cooking up a storm.  And trying to clean my house.  And then my son got home and burst in the front door withOUT taking his shoes off {did I mention that it is SUPER rainy today and the front yard is slightly flooded and of course there is no grass to keep it from being a mud pit.  And of course he jumped in a puddle getting off the bus so not only is shoes but his jeans are tracking this crap in}.  {Nice run on there huh?}  So I get to RE-CLEAN my carpets tonight!  Yeah for me! 

Anywho I was posting to say I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving.  Be safe.  Turkey on.  Come back on Friday.  You know whyyy.  Because after I get back from knocking people over at 5 am around town, I'm starting to decorate my house.  {P.S. Whoever designed payday for Black Friday is or is not the smartest person ever.  Depends on who you ask.  I vote: genius!}

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mario Room

Sooo my downloading a pattern thing is on the back burner -- because I'm going to have to figure it out...

But here are a few update pics of the Mario room. 
They REALLY need to be ironed before I put them on.  But there are the mario and luigi pillowcases.  And the Luigi pillow.  I still need to make a Mario one. {And he does have a nose -- it's just the same color as his face so slightly hard to see in the picture!}

Star hooks {I need to dab on some eyes} $1.99 (?) and then 40% off at Hooby Lobby.  Perfect attempt at keeping coats off the ground.

Here is a Mario scene I'm painting.  {Those streaks are where the pipes are going} I've got to add the land spaces {you know the areas that are staggard that Mario jumps onto}, the pipes, a few ? boxes and of course the ground.  And that is my artistic talent so I'm not adding any characters. :)

Like the Yoshi egg?  It's a large paper mache egg from Hobby Lobby. 

There are some other things done -- shelves painted kind of thing.  Nothing too exciting.  I really want to get the Mario pillow done and the curtains done this week. And next week we will be going to get PVC pipes.  I've got something I want to do -- we will see if the hubby nixes that plan {darn living in an apt!}. 

Go check out my how to on this spoon rack over at This & That Creative.  I made it to hang my apron on in the kitchen.  Then I searched the kitchen and the last of our moving boxes to realize that I don't have my apron anymore.  One more thing on my to make list...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Made it Monday - Mini Boden Knock off

Joshua saw this picture in my Mini Boden catalog {Which I have addressed to Countess by the way...just because I thought it was funny}.  I liked the one with the computer on it that said play.  But boys will be boys.

Tonight I had that urge.  You know where you want to make something. 

{Excuse the picture...I told the kid to smile and got this...}
His is green, of course, and tonight I'm going to hand sew a few bubbles on.  {And I'm thinking of adding something on the back.  Maybe..}  But he was so excited to put it on. And he can't wait to wear it tomorrow.  Which makes me feel good. :)

I'm loving him in all his toothless wonder right now.  Well I love him all the time but now he makes me kind of chuckle. :)

And guess what I'm doing tomorrow?  I'm posting over at This & That Creative.  And I will be every Tuesday.  That's right --- they invited me to  "join their team".  Yup that's what they said.  I feel like the popular girls just asked me to sit at their table at lunch. :)

{Really I was cool in school...I was!}

I'm going to try to put up my pattern tomorrow for you guys to make your own BURP shirt. If I can figure this whole technology thing out!  Guess what turkey day is this week! YUMM.

Linking up!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Saturday: The Wannabe

So tell me what you want.  What you really really want. I'll tell you what I want what I really really want.

Sorry.  Couldn't help myself.  I am used to be a Spice Girl freak.  {So what if I bought their greatest hits CD a few years ago.  Yes they really had a greatest hit cd.  I think Victoria Secret was the only store that sold it.  Weird I know.}

Josh wanted to create a special recipe with me today.  I had to cut him off after a while.  {Keep reading...}

It's called the Wannabe. Because it can't make up it's mind.  Is it a cake?  A brownie?  A cookie?

It was really easy because everything came from a box, or a can or a package.

Step 1: Spray pan.  Place cookies in pan.

Step 2: Mix Brownie mix according to box.

Step 3: Pour over cookies (This is where Josh wanted to put Peanut butter on top of the cookies - under the brownies.  I said wooooah kid.  We are already giving Hardees a run for their money with cramming more than a days worth of calories in one -- meal?  Not the right word but you get it)

Step 4: Cook.

Step 5. Frost. 

Step 6: For mommy - take the tiny edge peice.  Walk away.  (TRUST me one little square will be enough)

P.S. here is Josh in all of his toothlessness glory.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Have you ever....

Have you ever seen something at a thrift store - and not gotten it.  And then kicked yourself ever since. 

Yesterday (I think) I saw this little chair/bench I guess it was more a chair.  Anywho.  It was only $5. 

It needs some love. 

But it had potential. 

And I didn't get it.  :(

What else I didn't get...they had these 2 plates.  I was going back and forth ... cute or tacky?

They were small dessert plates with vintage Valentines printed on them.  $1 each.  Didn't get. 

And now... I wish I had.  At least I had reason for the chair. 1. I wasn't supposed to be there.  {Husband claims I'm a "shopaholic" and I just like to buy stuff to buy.  Not true.  It makes me happy.  So when I said I was going to the library I went thrifting.  And I was able to hide the other stuff.  A chair/bench not so much} 2. It's cold outside.  And I live in an apartment ... meaning no garage.  Which means I'd have to fix this baby up outside on my front porch in the cold.  OR what would probably happen is it would sit until next year.

Guess where I'm going tomorrow....Hopefully it will still be there!!!!

Joshua lost his tooth yesterday.  I think he looks so funny er cute!

And P.S.S. Toothfairy at Grandmas if you are reading this...Remember how I was upset that you left $20 for my kid last tooth he left....Yup.  I'm re-mad about it.  Yes.  Re-mad.  He went to bed saying maybe you would leave $100 this time.  And that he was going to have enough for a new DS game.  I'm sure he was slightly disappointed with his $3 this morning.  Well.  He didn't show disappointment.  He was more than happy to go to the dollar store today.

Bottom line: Don't do it again.



God gosh this week is just flown by.  I can't believe it is Friday already. 

Monday I'm going to update you on the Mario room (I've got some way cool projects done) and show you my entry in Fireflies & Jellybeans Iron Crafter.  {I've never entered a contest before so exciting}And Tuesday I will show the how to on both the Iron Crafter and the coupon book. 

But today I usually highlight from around blog world.  But have you seen my new site - Today's Top 20?  That's what I do everyday!  So I need to think of something new for here.  But today I just want to show you some of my Christmas inspiration.  {I've officially been bit by the Christmas bug}

Everyone loves Anthropologie.  But I also love their windows.

Are you over the snowflakes yet?  Nope me either.  {P.S. Do you see the marshmallow garland in the background of this last one. LOOOOVE it.}  Anthro your so cool.  Plus this is kind of Elf too right?

Alright moving on....
So is anyone else a freak and like a themed Christmas?  I do.  And every year something messes it up changes last minute and I never get to do it.  But not this year baby. 

My tree is being inspired by BHG.  I cut this picture {and the whole story out} a few years ago and with moving I can't find it.  I had a whole binder of Holiday ideas.  And it's gone :(

Except sorry sophie your left out of my tree.

And look at those snowflakes --- cookie snowflakes!
I need to up my cookie decorating skills ASAP.  Bakerella?  Bake at 350?  Someone!  Help! :) {Seriously if you all want to that's totally cool with me!}

So there is some of my inspiration...{What I can show you!  hehe! Somethings I'm straight craftlifting.  Because I've gotta have it!}

My Christmas theme - straight from The Night Before Christmas -  is Vision of Sugar Plums {well just sugar really} All the candy is so colorful so I'm making the other decorations white. 

The only place I can't do candy is outside.  But I've got something else planned.

Original idea was to do the 12 days of Christmas.  But I've decided that's too grown up.  We want a fun Christmas!

What are you doing? Any plans?  Come back tomorrow for a sweet Saturday -- oh gosh! I need to figure out what to make! :) Just kidding.  It's yummy!