Thursday, November 11, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days.  It's been 70+ degrees outside.  In November.  In Indiana. 

If I didn't take advantage of that I'd be stupid.  And I'm not. :)

So I know today is supposed to be thrifty Thursday....but DUDE!  I just was reading some craft blogs and came across this post about a candy corn t-shirt this woman made for her daughter and it hit me.  Like a truck hits a ... never mind that's mean.  I have the best idea for a Thanksgiving shirt.  Too bad I don't have a girl.  :(  So I'll have to make it and send it to my neighbor and just request that I be allowed to take pictures of her granddaughter in it.  It's going to be fabulous.  I even checked Etsy for one like it --- nope not one around.  So I need to make one before someone else thinks of it --- so I can say haha me first! :)  {And I'm sure it is around...somewhere}

Thrifty...well last week I shared swagbucks but there are a few other places I go.
E-rewards has surveys you can take.  We trade ours in for Gamestop gift cards ($25)...we'll take it.  I generally get 2/year.  And my boys love their video games!
The other I just started.  So far I like it.  ChaCha. {Don't laugh} I'm home anyways.  I get to login whenever I want to, answer as many questions as I want and get a few dollars in my pocket.  It's Christmas money.  I wish I started earlier.  I'm trying to do at least $25/day.  That's $175/week.  That's over $1000 from now til Christmas.  If you want to ChaCha with me leave a comment or email me ( and I will send you the info.  We can ChaCha together! :)

Gotta go make my turkey! 

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