Friday, November 12, 2010

Found it Friday

Sooo sorry that it is 7 pm and I'm just now posting.  Today has been one of those days --- running around like crazy.  We bought Joshua a Wii for Christmas.  {And it is red so it will go in his Mario room perfectly!!! I've already cut the M with a circle around it out of white vinyl to put on it!} Hooray for that.  Originally we went to Kmart for it {you got 50,000 bonus points for it which is basically an extra $50!} and they were out.  So I wanted the Spongebob Snuggie that they had for $12.99 {Yes, it is ugly} well they "never got those in but we do have one that looks exactly like it for $18.99".  UMMM....
I'll go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get it.  One it's cheaper.  Two just out of principle. 

Got a great shelf at Goodwill. Went to the Dollar Store to get wreath making supplies.  Joann's to get fabric.  And grocery shopping.  Whew.

And now that I'm home I've got dinner in the oven, cleaning jars in the kitchen {well letting hot water run in them}, blogging, and I brought a basket of laundry in here to fold {because I've got time to type and fold at the same time?} all while listening to Joyce Meyer's Are You Too Busy?  Yes, Joyce.  I am.  And thank you for making this book on CD for people like me who are too busy to read it.

If your still there....:) Here are my Friday finds.

How to make an insulated vest tutorial.  She made it out of t-shirts!  Uhhh how cool!?  Go check out Sneezerville for the details!
Here is another tutorial from Sneezerville.  A pullover.  And made out of t-shirts!  I really want to go thrifting for cool vintage t-s.  NOW.  :) Let me just add that to my to do list.

I am apparently on a clothing kick right now.  HOW STINKING CUTE IS THIS.  Seriously.  I want one.  Make one for me. Andy. Joshua.  And the dog. :) It's over at positively splendid.

Um.  Excuse me?  Where do I get one of these?  I love them.  Shanty2chic.  Check it out people!!

  These are Lunch Box notes {and a free printable!} that are just super cute.  I want to incorporate in my table settings maybe?  If I have time.  Oh well.  Notes in lunchboxes are cool too! Go check out the rest of Crafts and such!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!! {Gotta run...dinner is going to burn!!!}

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