Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea Wallet Tutorial

Guess what?  I found my original post.  So no nead for me to make a new tutorial right?  {This post is from 2008 ...  I told you I had it saved for a while!}

It is over at Is it Naptime yet?  Click here!  And there is even a PDF file you can download.  Her directions are super clear and this is a great beginner's project. 

Sorry this wasn't up earlier this morning.  One problem we have run into since our move is the computer situation.  Our old house had a HUGE kitchen and living room {and small bedrooms, tiny bathroom and non-existing closets} and our new apartment has a small living room and kitchen {with HUGE closets and big bedrooms}.  Do I mind? Not at all.  BUT our computer has been moved out of the living room and into the extra bedroom.  Which means Hubs can not get onto X-Box Live (oh the horror) without stealing my modem.  Grrr. And dropping $300 on an x-box right before Christmas is silly.  So it will wait til right after Christmas.  And until then I have to deal with him stealing my modem.  {He works 3rd shift so it usually doesn't take long before he falls asleep :) }

Anyone else have husbands who love video games?  Sometimes it really drives me nuts....

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  1. great. do link your original tutorial with us at our linky party, so our readers can find you also. this is a great idea for all tea lovers and love how your new tea gadgets came out.
    what lovely gift idea.

    the current linky party:


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