Friday, October 29, 2010

Found It Friday

First, a rant.  I went to my old favorite, Goodwill.  Remember how I was worried that I was just down right cheap?  Well, I'm convinced that it is not me -- it's them. 

Case in point.  Beach towel -- $7?
Small Table Runner -- $13?
"Coach inspired" small clutch (worn, very.  With stain on the side and rip on inside of the dirty lining) -- $70

I can buy a brand new Coach bag for around $100. {We live next to the Coach outlet} :)
And at the very least a new knock off for that much.

I left with a picture frame ($4) and 2 small pillows ($3 each) (overpaid -- they are U-G-L-Y)

I'll be going to San Suchi tomorrow. 

But back to Found it Friday....
I have had this picture saved for a while now.  It's a Land Of Nod inspired floor cushion from Living with Punks.  I'm debating---make 2 one red and one green (with the Mario M and Luigi L of course) or make just one with red on one side and green on the other.  OR how cool would it be if I can find some old tshirts to cut up and have a picture of Yoshi on the front of one! Yea.  I don't know.  I think I just need to make it and be done.

Cute huh?  I saw these a while ago on  But this one is done
by Elizabeth over at Ucreate w/ Kids.  She offers a tutorial too!

Isn't that pretty!  It's over at Tatertots and Jello!

Oh and here is Joshua in his Wizard of Oz shirt.  I know it's not a costume, but oh well.  Not the best thing I've ever made. But it works.  And slightly funny.

Kind of a goofy picture of him :)  But oh well.  The back of the shirt says OZ underneath the collar. 

And tonight (I should be getting ready to leave not blogging) well this afternoon he will be wearing his cheap $12 store bought at Wal-Mart (YUCK) ugly Darth V. costume.  Reason: Joshua doesn't like candy.  He doesn't like trick or treating.  And he will not use the costume during the year to randomly dress up.  ?  I love them all.  But he doesn't.  And it has taken me 7 years to figure out that spending a lot of money/time is useless.  So for an hour he will wear his cheap-O. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday Save It!

So this is normally where I share my stellar garage sale finds.  But you already saw my picture frame and my bulletin board. 

The only other things I got this past weekend were sweaters (3 of them for 75 cents -- TOTAL!) :) Already cut 1 up.

And ohh. I forgot about this.  Some lady had a bunch of Wilton Cake pans.  I got a Mario cake pan (perfect right?), a small heart pan, larger hearts, skulls and a 3-D pumpkin.  $1.25 for them all.  (Sorry no picture -- It's a lazy day.)

But not the best day of garage sailing.  But I did find a new thrift store.  A good one.  With real thrift store prices. I am surprised at the prices at Goodwill here.  I know that probably makes me sound Queen of Cheap but really.  I've been in tons of GW's and never seen prices like this.  I found a bulletin board there - a little banged up -- $12.  You can buy a new one at Hobby Lobby for $12.  A little metal drawer -- $14.  A medium size glass vase -- $5.  A purse that was in their locked up section -- brand name Mudd? $15?  Really???  It wasn't even cute!  {Someone said that they raised their prices after they moved into their new building?  Really?  Do you think so?  I'm not sure.  That seems kind of sneaky.}


Today's thrifty tip is to look and save.  Don't be a hoarder though.  Hoarders = Creepy. 

For instance:  Have a spice bottle that is empty?  Wash it and fill it with a mix of salt and pepper.  That way when you are cooking you already have a mix.  Or fill it with cinnamon sugar for toast.  (I had that this morning.  I haven't had it in years.  And it was delish.)  Or put buttons in it.  One of my 'search for at thrift store/garage sale' items is an old spice 'rack'.  But I don't want a rack.  I want one that turns.  Know what I am talking about.  With the bottles.  So I can fill each one up with a different color of something in my craft room.  Easy finding!

What else.  Oh remember that ugly picture from yesterday.  The only reason I kept it was to take a picture of it.  Then I got to looking at it.  I thought hum. If you flip it over (it's just a very thick card stock) maybe a growth chart.  Or better yet.  It is being painted right now as a scene for Joshua's Mario room.

So before you pitch something check it for a project.  For storage.  For recycling! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When Crafts Go Bad...

So this weekend --- I went into it totally inspired.  Had <BIG> ideas (and ideas of what I wanted to copy recreate. 

First I found this picture frame with this UGLY picture in it.  But the frame was the perfect size I needed.  She wanted $3 for it.  I thought it was so ugly that she should take less but then she went on and on about how it was in her kids bedroom and how she loved that room and wished he was still little because now she has to redo it blah blah blah blah. 

So I took it home and realized that the crazy, delusional woman {who I really hopes NEVER stumbles upon this} SUPER GLUED the ugly print into the frame.  On either side there were probably 3 1/2 inches in the middle that were super glued in.  This project was already a pain in the you know what. 

I got it out.  This was going to be my blessing board. Remember this? (It's from Less than perfect life of bliss)
So I painted it.  As I am painting it I realize I want another one -- to put in the kitchen for a weekly menu board (how cool right?)  and one maybe not so long (this one is about 3 feet long and 1 foot wide) to say Welcome or something to that extent and hang above the door.  Or on top of my cabinets.

Painted it, burlaped it, put it back in the frame {and I was STOKED I might add - we just moved in remember and our walls are bare.) Even  without the backing that real frames have the burlap made it lay perfectly.  And the frame cracked.  (There was a big dab of hot glue in the bottom that I didn't see.  Nice)

Seriously.  Are you kidding me?
So, do I keep the frame - hope to find glass?  Or throw the whole thing away.  Right now it's being kept.  With my fingers crossed.  But I'm looking for new ones!

Then I bought a bulletin board for $1 at a garage sale.  Painted it.  Burlaped it too. {Scratched the paint -- did a not so great job with the burlap but didn't bother to fix it because...) I Realized it is NOT what I want.  {Its going to be a calendar} But I want a picture frame.  That way I can write on it with glass too.  No push pins woo hoo! 

So it was a bust.

I did make Joshua a pair of new PJ pants.  In time for a last minute {seems to be a theme this year} PJ party at school.  He has pajamas don't think he doesn't.  But they are either summer short sets, or the tight pjs that aren't really deemed cool to wear in public in 2nd grade.  The kid needed lounge pants.  The next morning.  They are a little long - but that just means tonight when he grows 3 inches he can still wear them! :)

At least 1 thing worked out.  And at least my craft busts only cost me $4 right?  Could be worse.

The Boy Trifecta {love her blog -- check it out} is doing Handmade Holidays.  I'll be linking up.  Check it out!
I'm sure you've seen her newest bags around

this tweed one  
and her famous Anthro remake (with tutorial!)

Talk later!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mark your calendars

Sorry no tutorial today.  I figured everyone knows how to sew a pillowcase :) If you have any questions on anything you can always email me --- werethejones(at)yahoo(dot)com

Joshua's teacher sent home a note that he forgot to send home last Friday.  The kids are supposed to dress up for a Wizard of Oz party - Thursday.  Thanks, man.  Boys + Wizard of Oz = difficult.  {We aren't doing full on costume - 1. He has to sit in it all day. 2. I just spent $65 on a Halloween costume.}  I'm thinking just a t-shirt.  Probably something to do with the flying monkeys.  {I think that's the highlight for him}

Today...I sewed a zipper.  I've avoided doing this for uh...2 years.  As a google taught me how to sew, sewer it intimidated me.  (Really.  Google.  I had to google what a zipper foot looked like. Don't tell.)  But thanks to Skip to My Lou's fabulous tutorial -- I did it! 

{ NOT compare my bag with hers...It's embarrassing.}

It may not be perfect.  I may need to try again.  But woo hoo!  No more velcro-ing everything! :)

Highly recommend that you go check out the tutorial and print off the pattern.  It's quick and easy.  And you can just use scraps!  Add some clear vinyl inside for a make up bag; a pocket for the inside for a credit card (I did), a little wristlet.  This would make a good gift for anyone!  {I was hoping mine would be gift worthy, but maybe the next one!}  I plan on making about 25 of these for Christmas.  {Teachers guess what you are getting?} Either they will go with matching bags, as 2nd little gift or I may throw a gift card in there. 

I also really want to try Noodleheads gathered clutch.   So much to do. 

I wrote out my project list {that needs to be done before Christmas}-- it's 2 pages front and back!  WOAH.  Lots to do...Talk to you tomorrow!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Made It Monday - Mario Style

First.  This is Josh.
What?  You didn't get his full on cuteness?

Yup, cute.  {Sorry I can't help myself.}
Josh likes:

no, he loves his DS. 
{Any parent who has one --- I highly suggest getting one of these Nerf cases.  You can throw it at the wall and it will bounce back without a scratch.  But don't try throwing it ok?}

And I, happen to have slight control issues.  Which brings me to my Christmas tree.  I decorate in themes.  And Christmas is to broad of a theme for me.  So this year everything will be the 12 Days of Christmas.  {I've got way cool projects planned if I do say so myself}.  But for Joshua I let him have his own "cool" tree {Andy hates my theme decorating}.  This year I am making Joshua a Mario tree.  I've started the ornaments. 

I have printed off pictures of Mario, Luigi (duh), Peach, Bowser (Joshua's favorite.  Why?  "Because he breathes fire.  That's pretty cool don't you think?" How boy.), the bullet, Toad, and a bunch of others who I don't know the technical name.  The tree topper?  Will be the star power, of course.  They are all made of felt with a yarn loop. 

Now, the plan is.  Christmas Eve - Joshua falls asleep in our room.  And we re-decorate his room to a what else? Mario theme.  And the ornaments will then go onto a bunting I am making. 

Making.  That reminds me -- I'm making the whole room.  <CRAZY>  I don't like characters (see previous post) so if I'm going to have one -- it better be cool.  Old school Mario. 

Today I did one of the pillow cases.  After I type this up then I will make a green Luigi one to match.

The green one is the same but with a 'L'.  Pillow cases are so easy to make and quick!  And perfect for quick bedroom updates. {Please ignore the fact that my M is not centered perfectly.  The L pillow will have to go on top!}

See you tomorrow!


Dear hubby,

Thank you for cleaning up in the office.  I really do appreciate it.  However, I would really love to know where you put my cable to hook up my camera to the computer.  I have pictures I need to share in blog land.  Thanks.

I love you.

So as soon as Andy wakes up (he works 3rd shift...I don't think he would be to happy if I woke him up asking him where my cable is...) I will post pictures. 

I'm sure today's made it Monday will be interesting to a whole 3 people - one of which is not allowed to see it yet (it's a Christmas gift) but it will be here! 

Talk soon!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet Saturday - Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

Warning: Have milk ready. 

These are seriously one of my favorite cupcakes --- ever.

You need:
1 2/3 cup flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 stick unsalted butter, room temperature
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
3/4 cup half and half
1 cup coarsely crushed Oreos (about 10)

White Chocolate cream cheese frosting:
(Yes, you read that right)
6 oz white chocolate
3/4 c cream cheese
6 tbsp butter
crushed Oreos for decoration

Handsome assistant optional

1. Preheat oven to 350.

2. Mix flour baking powder, and salt together and set aside.
3. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.  Add eggs, one at a time, mixing well after each. 

 Add vanilla.  Alternately add flour mixture and half and half.  Beat until smooth.
Put Oreos in a bag and lightly crush. {This was Joshua's favorite part I think}

Fold in crushed oreos.

4.Put into cupcake liners (I use silicon molds).  Bake about 23-25 minutes.

While cupcakes are cooling, make icing.
1. Microwave white chocolate according to package directions.

2. Beat cream cheese and butter until light and fluffy. 

Add melted chocolate and beat again until smooth.

Use frosting pretty quick or it will harden. 

How does it taste?

The first bite he was skeptical.  Joshua is not known for trying new foods.

And I knew by the size of this monster bite that he loved them!

But what's not to love about these?

{Can't you just hear him, "Why are you taking a picture of my eaten cupcake?"}


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday Finds - Adding to my to do list

Well we are getting a house phone hooked up.  {Keep reading - there will be a point!} I thought that this would be a simple basic thing but apparently not.  They have to disconnect our Internet to hook up the house phone and then reconnect the Internet so it is all under the same account?  I don't know.  I have spent over 3 hours on the phone with ATT - and gotten 3 different days of when this is all supposed to happen.  But the last lady I spoke with said tomorrow everything shall be done.

Here is the point:  Hopefully everything will be hooked up, but if not it could be until Tuesday when I'm back.  And I hope not -- I've got cookies and cream cupcakes planned for tomorrow! :)

This week, as usual, there were so many inspiring projects from around blog world. I love all of the linky parties around - the only problem I keep adding blogs to read, and projects to do!  My to do list keeps getting longer.  And longer. And longer.

But here is my top list from this week:

This is from Running with Scissors.  I love it.  It is made from sweatshirt fleece.  And I love the added length to the sleeves.  I'm always getting cold (and without gloves) so I like to pull my hands up in my sleeves a little. 

Mmmm.  Butterfinger cupcakes.  I'm obsessed with cupcakes by the way.  I'm sure you will figure that out.

Seriously.  I never thought I was an orange person.  But I'm obsessed.  I And I'm loving the corduroy.  But I've been banned from Joann's/Hobby Lobby for a little while.  {Thanks hubs.  You know they like it when I come in 3 times a week.  Come on, it was a sale.  A good sale.  Flannel for $2.80 a yard!  Can you say PJ's for under $5?}  So it will have to wait until I can sneak back there.  I just adore everything Kojo does! 

Apparently I'm on a glass kick.  I want to make these for my brother (18 - just out of basic, college freshman, needs cool house stuff, probably will be filled with beer.  If he was 21)  But to paint or to etch?  I'm thinking paint.  Because seriously who doesn't want to look like this taking a drink?  I got them from Tatertots and Jello.  Love her.

This is one of those new blogs I was talking about.  Less than Perfect life of bliss.  She's great -- and her hubby is pretty good at making her creations too!  They've done a great Pottery Barn knock off chalkboard that I actually have marked in the catalog right now.  But this.  I just bought burlap this week {pre-banning} and wasn't sure what to do with it.  Hopefully this weekend I'll find a long picture frame to make this blessing list.  Great for Thanksgiving - perfect for all year.

What projects have you seen this week?  Talk to you tomorrow {hopefully!}

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Thrifty Finds

Hey y'all (I'm from Indiana -- I'm allowed to say that).
Hope it's a happy day.
Last week I scored some grrr-eat

thrifty finds.  Sorry couldn't help myself. 

Let's see...
First stop, K-Mart.  Normally I don't share my clearance aisle finds but I couldn't help it today.  I've never really shopped at a K-Mart before we moved.  But when they clearance things out -- they clearance them out!

Shoes.  New slippers for me -- 2 pair actually.  Aren't they cute?   $1.24 a pair.  Yea.  That was it.  (Please ignore the dirty pink one I wore it outside this AM to walk Josh to the bus -- and I was too tired to care that slippers are not made to wear outside.  I got 2 pairs right?) :)

And Josh got 2 pair.  Now, I HATE character stuff.  Not exactly sure why.  I just do.  And I've been able to go 7 1/2 years without ever getting character shoes.  But lately he wants them.  (And he prefers the light up kind).  And I have been saying no.  Sorry kid.  (I'm a freak about matching.)  So when he saw these shoes he said "today must be my lucky day". 

I figured for $2.50 the kid can have a pair of character shoes.  To wear outside.  In the mud.  And get all dirty and nasty so his cute, mommy approved shoes stay ncie and pretty.  Or better yet -- to Grandmas.  It has taken me 7 years to figure out that if I send cute clothes to grandmas that either they never come home (until he has outgrown them) or they are stained.  So I've started keeping a drawer of (all character t-shirts go figure) of clothes for Grandmas. I'm so sneaky.

And these sandals I figured will be perfect for next summer.  Joshua spends lots of his summer days on the boat up in Lake Michigan and these are perfect for it. $1.99.

I also scored about 7 pairs of flip flops at Kohls for $1 a peice, some super cute jewlery and a few tops but I won't bore you with those..

I thought of Dana from Made with these yellow placemats.  $1

This is a beautiful set of large napkins dying to be made                     into something fall.  I love the colors! $1
Big fleece blanket $2.  It's just a solid navy now...but not for long!!  

This is a sheet.  But the colors are great!  I'm not sure what I will turn it into.

Told you -- cool colors!  Actually I think of Joshua's bathroom when I see them -- but hmmm.. $1

Aren't these cool?  These books are from 1936!  I got them at the Library book sale for $1 each. 

A pretty colored rose ric rac.  And a lot of it.  I paid 10 cents for it.

You never know when you will need some Christmas lights! 50 cents!

2 glass vases.  These are from Goodwill.  I paid $2 a vase.  

I love this super huge yellow table cloth.  My pictures are hard to see but it has great texture and the scallop edges are adorable.  50 cents.

Canvas.  I got 3 16 X 20 canvases for $2.  2 of them are still wrapped up!

 Not a bad weekend wheelin' and dealin'! :) I know.  I'm so cheesy.

And my thrifty tip of the week:  Freeze your veggies!
At our house, I buy fresh veggies to make a recipe and we don't use them all. (Or I'm the only one who eats the veggies) I was having to throw away way too much.  Half a pepper here, carrots there.  So then <duh> I started cutting up what I didn't need and throwing them in a freezer bag.  I've got a bag of mixed peppers for fajitas stored in there and then a big ziploc of mixed veggies.  When the bag gets full -  I've got either veggie soup or pot pie filling! YUM.