Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Thrifty Finds

Hey y'all (I'm from Indiana -- I'm allowed to say that).
Hope it's a happy day.
Last week I scored some grrr-eat

thrifty finds.  Sorry couldn't help myself. 

Let's see...
First stop, K-Mart.  Normally I don't share my clearance aisle finds but I couldn't help it today.  I've never really shopped at a K-Mart before we moved.  But when they clearance things out -- they clearance them out!

Shoes.  New slippers for me -- 2 pair actually.  Aren't they cute?   $1.24 a pair.  Yea.  That was it.  (Please ignore the dirty pink one I wore it outside this AM to walk Josh to the bus -- and I was too tired to care that slippers are not made to wear outside.  I got 2 pairs right?) :)

And Josh got 2 pair.  Now, I HATE character stuff.  Not exactly sure why.  I just do.  And I've been able to go 7 1/2 years without ever getting character shoes.  But lately he wants them.  (And he prefers the light up kind).  And I have been saying no.  Sorry kid.  (I'm a freak about matching.)  So when he saw these shoes he said "today must be my lucky day". 

I figured for $2.50 the kid can have a pair of character shoes.  To wear outside.  In the mud.  And get all dirty and nasty so his cute, mommy approved shoes stay ncie and pretty.  Or better yet -- to Grandmas.  It has taken me 7 years to figure out that if I send cute clothes to grandmas that either they never come home (until he has outgrown them) or they are stained.  So I've started keeping a drawer of (all character t-shirts go figure) of clothes for Grandmas. I'm so sneaky.

And these sandals I figured will be perfect for next summer.  Joshua spends lots of his summer days on the boat up in Lake Michigan and these are perfect for it. $1.99.

I also scored about 7 pairs of flip flops at Kohls for $1 a peice, some super cute jewlery and a few tops but I won't bore you with those..

I thought of Dana from Made with these yellow placemats.  $1

This is a beautiful set of large napkins dying to be made                     into something fall.  I love the colors! $1
Big fleece blanket $2.  It's just a solid navy now...but not for long!!  

This is a sheet.  But the colors are great!  I'm not sure what I will turn it into.

Told you -- cool colors!  Actually I think of Joshua's bathroom when I see them -- but hmmm.. $1

Aren't these cool?  These books are from 1936!  I got them at the Library book sale for $1 each. 

A pretty colored rose ric rac.  And a lot of it.  I paid 10 cents for it.

You never know when you will need some Christmas lights! 50 cents!

2 glass vases.  These are from Goodwill.  I paid $2 a vase.  

I love this super huge yellow table cloth.  My pictures are hard to see but it has great texture and the scallop edges are adorable.  50 cents.

Canvas.  I got 3 16 X 20 canvases for $2.  2 of them are still wrapped up!

 Not a bad weekend wheelin' and dealin'! :) I know.  I'm so cheesy.

And my thrifty tip of the week:  Freeze your veggies!
At our house, I buy fresh veggies to make a recipe and we don't use them all. (Or I'm the only one who eats the veggies) I was having to throw away way too much.  Half a pepper here, carrots there.  So then <duh> I started cutting up what I didn't need and throwing them in a freezer bag.  I've got a bag of mixed peppers for fajitas stored in there and then a big ziploc of mixed veggies.  When the bag gets full -  I've got either veggie soup or pot pie filling! YUM.   

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