Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When Crafts Go Bad...

So this weekend --- I went into it totally inspired.  Had <BIG> ideas (and ideas of what I wanted to copy recreate. 

First I found this picture frame with this UGLY picture in it.  But the frame was the perfect size I needed.  She wanted $3 for it.  I thought it was so ugly that she should take less but then she went on and on about how it was in her kids bedroom and how she loved that room and wished he was still little because now she has to redo it blah blah blah blah. 

So I took it home and realized that the crazy, delusional woman {who I really hopes NEVER stumbles upon this} SUPER GLUED the ugly print into the frame.  On either side there were probably 3 1/2 inches in the middle that were super glued in.  This project was already a pain in the you know what. 

I got it out.  This was going to be my blessing board. Remember this? (It's from Less than perfect life of bliss)
So I painted it.  As I am painting it I realize I want another one -- to put in the kitchen for a weekly menu board (how cool right?)  and one maybe not so long (this one is about 3 feet long and 1 foot wide) to say Welcome or something to that extent and hang above the door.  Or on top of my cabinets.

Painted it, burlaped it, put it back in the frame {and I was STOKED I might add - we just moved in remember and our walls are bare.) Even  without the backing that real frames have the burlap made it lay perfectly.  And the frame cracked.  (There was a big dab of hot glue in the bottom that I didn't see.  Nice)

Seriously.  Are you kidding me?
So, do I keep the frame - hope to find glass?  Or throw the whole thing away.  Right now it's being kept.  With my fingers crossed.  But I'm looking for new ones!

Then I bought a bulletin board for $1 at a garage sale.  Painted it.  Burlaped it too. {Scratched the paint -- did a not so great job with the burlap but didn't bother to fix it because...) I Realized it is NOT what I want.  {Its going to be a calendar} But I want a picture frame.  That way I can write on it with glass too.  No push pins woo hoo! 

So it was a bust.

I did make Joshua a pair of new PJ pants.  In time for a last minute {seems to be a theme this year} PJ party at school.  He has pajamas don't think he doesn't.  But they are either summer short sets, or the tight pjs that aren't really deemed cool to wear in public in 2nd grade.  The kid needed lounge pants.  The next morning.  They are a little long - but that just means tonight when he grows 3 inches he can still wear them! :)

At least 1 thing worked out.  And at least my craft busts only cost me $4 right?  Could be worse.

The Boy Trifecta {love her blog -- check it out} is doing Handmade Holidays.  I'll be linking up.  Check it out!
I'm sure you've seen her newest bags around

this tweed one  
and her famous Anthro remake (with tutorial!)

Talk later!


  1. Oh, man! I hate it when projects go wrong. Keep looking! I'm sure you'll find just the right frame!

  2. We all have crafts go bad! I had a major fail this weekend, so I feel your pain. :)


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