Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sneak Peak Sunday

Ahh Sunday.  I love Sunday.  Sunday means family day.  Well, except this Sunday.  It's Sunday afternoon and Joshua is in his room playing on his DS and Andy's playing golf.  And I'm here on my trusty computer checking e-mail, wish shopping at Pottery Barn and thinking of all the super cool things we are going to do this week.

Made it Monday - Personalized cups..or beer mugs.. (Cue Christmas music)
Tutorial Tuesday - I'll show you the how to's
Wild Card Wednesday - I'm putting together a list of my favorite mom must have printables
Thrifty Thursday - I scored some GREAT finds at the garage sales this weekend - I can't wait to show them to you - plus some tips on how to save some cash in the kitchen!
Found it Friday - My put on the to do list projects that I saw this week on my favorite blogs
Sweet Saturday - Are you ready for this -- cookies and cream cupcakes.  Seriously.  Words can't even describe.

So make sure you come back and see me!!

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