Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday Save It!

So this is normally where I share my stellar garage sale finds.  But you already saw my picture frame and my bulletin board. 

The only other things I got this past weekend were sweaters (3 of them for 75 cents -- TOTAL!) :) Already cut 1 up.

And ohh. I forgot about this.  Some lady had a bunch of Wilton Cake pans.  I got a Mario cake pan (perfect right?), a small heart pan, larger hearts, skulls and a 3-D pumpkin.  $1.25 for them all.  (Sorry no picture -- It's a lazy day.)

But not the best day of garage sailing.  But I did find a new thrift store.  A good one.  With real thrift store prices. I am surprised at the prices at Goodwill here.  I know that probably makes me sound Queen of Cheap but really.  I've been in tons of GW's and never seen prices like this.  I found a bulletin board there - a little banged up -- $12.  You can buy a new one at Hobby Lobby for $12.  A little metal drawer -- $14.  A medium size glass vase -- $5.  A purse that was in their locked up section -- brand name Mudd? $15?  Really???  It wasn't even cute!  {Someone said that they raised their prices after they moved into their new building?  Really?  Do you think so?  I'm not sure.  That seems kind of sneaky.}


Today's thrifty tip is to look and save.  Don't be a hoarder though.  Hoarders = Creepy. 

For instance:  Have a spice bottle that is empty?  Wash it and fill it with a mix of salt and pepper.  That way when you are cooking you already have a mix.  Or fill it with cinnamon sugar for toast.  (I had that this morning.  I haven't had it in years.  And it was delish.)  Or put buttons in it.  One of my 'search for at thrift store/garage sale' items is an old spice 'rack'.  But I don't want a rack.  I want one that turns.  Know what I am talking about.  With the bottles.  So I can fill each one up with a different color of something in my craft room.  Easy finding!

What else.  Oh remember that ugly picture from yesterday.  The only reason I kept it was to take a picture of it.  Then I got to looking at it.  I thought hum. If you flip it over (it's just a very thick card stock) maybe a growth chart.  Or better yet.  It is being painted right now as a scene for Joshua's Mario room.

So before you pitch something check it for a project.  For storage.  For recycling! :)

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