Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mark your calendars

Sorry no tutorial today.  I figured everyone knows how to sew a pillowcase :) If you have any questions on anything you can always email me --- werethejones(at)yahoo(dot)com

Joshua's teacher sent home a note that he forgot to send home last Friday.  The kids are supposed to dress up for a Wizard of Oz party - Thursday.  Thanks, man.  Boys + Wizard of Oz = difficult.  {We aren't doing full on costume - 1. He has to sit in it all day. 2. I just spent $65 on a Halloween costume.}  I'm thinking just a t-shirt.  Probably something to do with the flying monkeys.  {I think that's the highlight for him}

Today...I sewed a zipper.  I've avoided doing this for uh...2 years.  As a google taught me how to sew, sewer it intimidated me.  (Really.  Google.  I had to google what a zipper foot looked like. Don't tell.)  But thanks to Skip to My Lou's fabulous tutorial -- I did it! 

{Please...do NOT compare my bag with hers...It's embarrassing.}

It may not be perfect.  I may need to try again.  But woo hoo!  No more velcro-ing everything! :)

Highly recommend that you go check out the tutorial and print off the pattern.  It's quick and easy.  And you can just use scraps!  Add some clear vinyl inside for a make up bag; a pocket for the inside for a credit card (I did), a little wristlet.  This would make a good gift for anyone!  {I was hoping mine would be gift worthy, but maybe the next one!}  I plan on making about 25 of these for Christmas.  {Teachers guess what you are getting?} Either they will go with matching bags, as 2nd little gift or I may throw a gift card in there. 

I also really want to try Noodleheads gathered clutch.   So much to do. 

I wrote out my project list {that needs to be done before Christmas}-- it's 2 pages front and back!  WOAH.  Lots to do...Talk to you tomorrow!!

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