Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday Finds - Adding to my to do list

Well we are getting a house phone hooked up.  {Keep reading - there will be a point!} I thought that this would be a simple basic thing but apparently not.  They have to disconnect our Internet to hook up the house phone and then reconnect the Internet so it is all under the same account?  I don't know.  I have spent over 3 hours on the phone with ATT - and gotten 3 different days of when this is all supposed to happen.  But the last lady I spoke with said tomorrow everything shall be done.

Here is the point:  Hopefully everything will be hooked up, but if not it could be until Tuesday when I'm back.  And I hope not -- I've got cookies and cream cupcakes planned for tomorrow! :)

This week, as usual, there were so many inspiring projects from around blog world. I love all of the linky parties around - the only problem I keep adding blogs to read, and projects to do!  My to do list keeps getting longer.  And longer. And longer.

But here is my top list from this week:

This is from Running with Scissors.  I love it.  It is made from sweatshirt fleece.  And I love the added length to the sleeves.  I'm always getting cold (and without gloves) so I like to pull my hands up in my sleeves a little. 

Mmmm.  Butterfinger cupcakes.  I'm obsessed with cupcakes by the way.  I'm sure you will figure that out.

Seriously.  I never thought I was an orange person.  But I'm obsessed.  I And I'm loving the corduroy.  But I've been banned from Joann's/Hobby Lobby for a little while.  {Thanks hubs.  You know they like it when I come in 3 times a week.  Come on, it was a sale.  A good sale.  Flannel for $2.80 a yard!  Can you say PJ's for under $5?}  So it will have to wait until I can sneak back there.  I just adore everything Kojo does! 

Apparently I'm on a glass kick.  I want to make these for my brother (18 - just out of basic, college freshman, needs cool house stuff, probably will be filled with beer.  If he was 21)  But to paint or to etch?  I'm thinking paint.  Because seriously who doesn't want to look like this taking a drink?  I got them from Tatertots and Jello.  Love her.

This is one of those new blogs I was talking about.  Less than Perfect life of bliss.  She's great -- and her hubby is pretty good at making her creations too!  They've done a great Pottery Barn knock off chalkboard that I actually have marked in the catalog right now.  But this.  I just bought burlap this week {pre-banning} and wasn't sure what to do with it.  Hopefully this weekend I'll find a long picture frame to make this blessing list.  Great for Thanksgiving - perfect for all year.

What projects have you seen this week?  Talk to you tomorrow {hopefully!}

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  1. I love those mustache glasses! I saw some on etsy and thought about buying them. Now I think I'll try and make some like yours. So cute!


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