Monday, October 25, 2010

Made It Monday - Mario Style

First.  This is Josh.
What?  You didn't get his full on cuteness?

Yup, cute.  {Sorry I can't help myself.}
Josh likes:

no, he loves his DS. 
{Any parent who has one --- I highly suggest getting one of these Nerf cases.  You can throw it at the wall and it will bounce back without a scratch.  But don't try throwing it ok?}

And I, happen to have slight control issues.  Which brings me to my Christmas tree.  I decorate in themes.  And Christmas is to broad of a theme for me.  So this year everything will be the 12 Days of Christmas.  {I've got way cool projects planned if I do say so myself}.  But for Joshua I let him have his own "cool" tree {Andy hates my theme decorating}.  This year I am making Joshua a Mario tree.  I've started the ornaments. 

I have printed off pictures of Mario, Luigi (duh), Peach, Bowser (Joshua's favorite.  Why?  "Because he breathes fire.  That's pretty cool don't you think?" How boy.), the bullet, Toad, and a bunch of others who I don't know the technical name.  The tree topper?  Will be the star power, of course.  They are all made of felt with a yarn loop. 

Now, the plan is.  Christmas Eve - Joshua falls asleep in our room.  And we re-decorate his room to a what else? Mario theme.  And the ornaments will then go onto a bunting I am making. 

Making.  That reminds me -- I'm making the whole room.  <CRAZY>  I don't like characters (see previous post) so if I'm going to have one -- it better be cool.  Old school Mario. 

Today I did one of the pillow cases.  After I type this up then I will make a green Luigi one to match.

The green one is the same but with a 'L'.  Pillow cases are so easy to make and quick!  And perfect for quick bedroom updates. {Please ignore the fact that my M is not centered perfectly.  The L pillow will have to go on top!}

See you tomorrow!


  1. I'd like one of those cases for the iPod Touch! What a great idea.

    ps/ saw you in front of me on All Thingz Related

  2. Um, I love this and I'm totally going to copycat you! My oldest will love those ornaments!!!!

  3. So awesome! I have a son named Joshua who also loves Mario! He would totally flip over a mario tree. I just might have to do it!
    Thanks for the inspiration. I came over from It's Sew Stinkin Cute!



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