Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Saturday: The Wannabe

So tell me what you want.  What you really really want. I'll tell you what I want what I really really want.

Sorry.  Couldn't help myself.  I am used to be a Spice Girl freak.  {So what if I bought their greatest hits CD a few years ago.  Yes they really had a greatest hit cd.  I think Victoria Secret was the only store that sold it.  Weird I know.}

Josh wanted to create a special recipe with me today.  I had to cut him off after a while.  {Keep reading...}

It's called the Wannabe. Because it can't make up it's mind.  Is it a cake?  A brownie?  A cookie?

It was really easy because everything came from a box, or a can or a package.

Step 1: Spray pan.  Place cookies in pan.

Step 2: Mix Brownie mix according to box.

Step 3: Pour over cookies (This is where Josh wanted to put Peanut butter on top of the cookies - under the brownies.  I said wooooah kid.  We are already giving Hardees a run for their money with cramming more than a days worth of calories in one -- meal?  Not the right word but you get it)

Step 4: Cook.

Step 5. Frost. 

Step 6: For mommy - take the tiny edge peice.  Walk away.  (TRUST me one little square will be enough)

P.S. here is Josh in all of his toothlessness glory.

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