Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

So I didn't really post anything today {duh} because I'm cooking up a storm.  And trying to clean my house.  And then my son got home and burst in the front door withOUT taking his shoes off {did I mention that it is SUPER rainy today and the front yard is slightly flooded and of course there is no grass to keep it from being a mud pit.  And of course he jumped in a puddle getting off the bus so not only is shoes but his jeans are tracking this crap in}.  {Nice run on there huh?}  So I get to RE-CLEAN my carpets tonight!  Yeah for me! 

Anywho I was posting to say I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving.  Be safe.  Turkey on.  Come back on Friday.  You know whyyy.  Because after I get back from knocking people over at 5 am around town, I'm starting to decorate my house.  {P.S. Whoever designed payday for Black Friday is or is not the smartest person ever.  Depends on who you ask.  I vote: genius!}

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