Friday, November 5, 2010

Found it Friday

So here are some fabulous projects from around blogworld that have caught my eye this week. 
{P.S.  I have written out my ''must to do list before Dec 18th", planning out what projects to do each day.  And I'm already behind -- it's day 3.  And this list is not helping me get the must do's out of the way.  I want to do these instead!!!}

I like Pottery Barn.  I love love love me some PB knock offs!!  This is from Paisley Pink Polka Dots.  Isn't it great?  I think it would look fabulous in my living room.  With my other projects I've got planned which at this rate will not be started until 2011.  :) 

Here's another PB knock off.  Am I still allowed to make an advent calendar after the first week of Nov.? :)  She did such an awesome job on this.  It may have to go into my next year folder. This is from Ducks in a Row.  She's just so darn clever!

This is something that I have had saved since last year people.  I need to do it.  It is from Anna Maria Horner.  I want to make it for my mom.  She takes water aerobics and I thought she needed a cute little towel bag to go with her!  And this one really is on my to do list!!

So we all know that Joshua's room will be Mario.  I saw this plush Boo tutorial on Seremeres Blog.  I wanted to do something else with the Boo guys but now I don't know!

I'm def. mad for plaid right now.  Check out this tutorial on how to make a *BOYS* scarf (ok, it could totally work for girls as well) from Living with Punks.  Best part...

there is a pocket!!

What are you going to be crafting up this weekend???

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