Monday, November 29, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Here is what I posted today over at This & That Creative.  I just love it over there!

Hey friends!  I hope you all are having a fantastic Tuesday.  I think I have something here that will make you all very happy.  I've got something here that makes me happy.  Esp. with my whole candy Christmas theme I've got going on this year.  Well I was going to replace my decorative balls with candy balls but they turned out bigger than I thought.  No sweat.  I'll just turn it into this instead...

Fabulous huh?

Super easy.  And cheap.  This is how.

You need:

Styrofoam ball - I was surprised at how much they were $5 for 2 at Joann's -- bring a 40% of f coupon -- they also take Hobby Lobby coupons.
Candy - I went to the dollar store and got these hard candies.  I also made one in peppermints and gumdrops.  {I ran out of candy so I have to make a trip and then I will post them all together. Ahhh can't wait!}
Hot glue/glue gun
Playdoh x 2 {I'm sure you could use something else ... something that was made for crafts but I used what I had at the house and when I thought about dumping plaster in I thought waaaaay to heavy}
Wooden spoon {again -- a wooden dowel - a thick one - would work.  Got the spoons - a 3 pack of different lengths - at the dollar store as well...and they work}

Step 1.  Glue the candy on the ball.

Step 2. Before you have it all covered make your hole.  Obviously don't go all the way through but you want it pretty deep to make sure it is stable.

Step 3. Paint your pot and spoon.

Step 4. Insert spoon into play doh.  {Except, have spoon painted and I used 1 1/2 things of Playdoh just to make sure it was stable.}  Put in sun and let it dry out.

Step 5.  Cut a felt circle.

Step 6.  Add some tissues for poofiness.  Cover with felt.

Step 7.  Put ball of candy on top.  Ta Da!

Repeat with more candy.  You have a candy forest.

Another thing I like about this besides that it is cheap?  {Total cost: $5 each}

You can totally bring these bad boys back out for Valentine's Day.  Candy hearts?  Ohhh yeah.

See you next Tuesday!!


P.S. As soon as I get more candy and it all set up inside I'll have to update w/ some new pictures! :)

Tis the season --- I heart Christmas. {That's a lot of love people}

Like I said go check out This & That Creative!
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  1. Really cute & I like the idea of using Play-Doh instead of plaster or some other toxic stuff. My kids would try to lick it big time if it was in our house though. LOL. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  2. Love it! I wanna make one with peppermints and maybe one with gumdrops too!

    Stop by and see me sometime over at Free 2 Be Frugal!

  3. This is adorable! I love candy-themed Christmas decorations!

    Please stop by and link this up to my Thursday Theme Party. It's perfect for the holiday theme!

  4. very very fun! Who doesn't love bright colors and candy! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

  5. You've been featured at today's Craftastic Monday. Stop by & grab a Featured On button:) Thanks again for linking it up to the party!


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