Friday, November 19, 2010


God gosh this week is just flown by.  I can't believe it is Friday already. 

Monday I'm going to update you on the Mario room (I've got some way cool projects done) and show you my entry in Fireflies & Jellybeans Iron Crafter.  {I've never entered a contest before so exciting}And Tuesday I will show the how to on both the Iron Crafter and the coupon book. 

But today I usually highlight from around blog world.  But have you seen my new site - Today's Top 20?  That's what I do everyday!  So I need to think of something new for here.  But today I just want to show you some of my Christmas inspiration.  {I've officially been bit by the Christmas bug}

Everyone loves Anthropologie.  But I also love their windows.

Are you over the snowflakes yet?  Nope me either.  {P.S. Do you see the marshmallow garland in the background of this last one. LOOOOVE it.}  Anthro your so cool.  Plus this is kind of Elf too right?

Alright moving on....
So is anyone else a freak and like a themed Christmas?  I do.  And every year something messes it up changes last minute and I never get to do it.  But not this year baby. 

My tree is being inspired by BHG.  I cut this picture {and the whole story out} a few years ago and with moving I can't find it.  I had a whole binder of Holiday ideas.  And it's gone :(

Except sorry sophie your left out of my tree.

And look at those snowflakes --- cookie snowflakes!
I need to up my cookie decorating skills ASAP.  Bakerella?  Bake at 350?  Someone!  Help! :) {Seriously if you all want to that's totally cool with me!}

So there is some of my inspiration...{What I can show you!  hehe! Somethings I'm straight craftlifting.  Because I've gotta have it!}

My Christmas theme - straight from The Night Before Christmas -  is Vision of Sugar Plums {well just sugar really} All the candy is so colorful so I'm making the other decorations white. 

The only place I can't do candy is outside.  But I've got something else planned.

Original idea was to do the 12 days of Christmas.  But I've decided that's too grown up.  We want a fun Christmas!

What are you doing? Any plans?  Come back tomorrow for a sweet Saturday -- oh gosh! I need to figure out what to make! :) Just kidding.  It's yummy!

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  1. Oh ma gosh I love those windows! So tempted to do something similar! Love it!


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