Friday, November 19, 2010

Have you ever....

Have you ever seen something at a thrift store - and not gotten it.  And then kicked yourself ever since. 

Yesterday (I think) I saw this little chair/bench I guess it was more a chair.  Anywho.  It was only $5. 

It needs some love. 

But it had potential. 

And I didn't get it.  :(

What else I didn't get...they had these 2 plates.  I was going back and forth ... cute or tacky?

They were small dessert plates with vintage Valentines printed on them.  $1 each.  Didn't get. 

And now... I wish I had.  At least I had reason for the chair. 1. I wasn't supposed to be there.  {Husband claims I'm a "shopaholic" and I just like to buy stuff to buy.  Not true.  It makes me happy.  So when I said I was going to the library I went thrifting.  And I was able to hide the other stuff.  A chair/bench not so much} 2. It's cold outside.  And I live in an apartment ... meaning no garage.  Which means I'd have to fix this baby up outside on my front porch in the cold.  OR what would probably happen is it would sit until next year.

Guess where I'm going tomorrow....Hopefully it will still be there!!!!

Joshua lost his tooth yesterday.  I think he looks so funny er cute!

And P.S.S. Toothfairy at Grandmas if you are reading this...Remember how I was upset that you left $20 for my kid last tooth he left....Yup.  I'm re-mad about it.  Yes.  Re-mad.  He went to bed saying maybe you would leave $100 this time.  And that he was going to have enough for a new DS game.  I'm sure he was slightly disappointed with his $3 this morning.  Well.  He didn't show disappointment.  He was more than happy to go to the dollar store today.

Bottom line: Don't do it again.


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