Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have you used this?? Purex Complete 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets Review

So I've never reviewed anything before.  And please note that no one contacted me asking me to.  I just am.  And these are my honest to goodness opinions.  No freebies for me, no cash (although...) :)

So I bought these:

I got them at Wal Mart for $5.47 and I had a coupon.  I thought Why not?

I really did not expect much from them.  I'm a Tide with Febreze kind of girl. But I figured 24 loads for $4.50 (19 cents/load) I would have them on hand for my emergency stash.  Aka. When I run out of laundry detergent and something needs washed.

Well I didn't have to wait long.  HOW do 3 people create sooo much laundry?

I tried.  And I liked.  I really liked.

I was shocked.  So easy (I know -- how difficult is it to measure out detergent and then grab a dryer sheet) but after you do this you get spoiled.  Plus I had a coupon in my package.  $3 off.  Which means my next buy was only $2.47!!! That's 10 cents a load people!! 

{My Tide with Febreze was 25 cents/load}

And just because I'm a numbers freak geak person...
I spend about $130/year on Tide.  (10 loads a week)
PLUS $26/year on Bounce dryer sheets
Total: $156/year on laundry

Switching to Purex 3 in 1 $98.80/year 

I just saved myself $57.20!
*Prices were taken from

I'm buying them...not only cheaper - and easier - but my clothes are soft and smell yummy.  Way important.

And, when my box was empty I couldn't throw it away.
Before: Under my Kitchen sink


haha yea I'm silly.  But it's holding all those plastic bags.  {I plan on pretty-ing it up here someday.  Silly I know.  But I like pretty.} Plus when I need one I don't have to get a bag that's holding a bag that has 2 bags inside it.  And it's nice and neat.

  I'm really glad I tried this.  Otherwise when Kroger had the liquid Purex on sale for $1.99 (24 loads) I would have kept walking.  I bought them this time!

Have you ever tried something and were pleasantly surprised?

P.S. This was not a slam Tide post.  :) I do like Tide.  Esp. those little tablets they have now!

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