Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions...11 in 2011

11 goals for 2011.

Crafty goals
1. Learn to quilt, make at least 1
2. Open an Etsy shop and actually sell something!
3. By end of year have 500 followers on Were The Joneses, 1000 on Todays Top 20
4. By end of year monetize blogs with sponsors - not really to make a million, but rather just to get some new fabric! :) I loooove me some fabric!
5. Take better pictures!! Well.  And remember to actually take the darn pictures when I'm done with whatever I just made!! How frustrating is it to work on something ... and forget the darn picture!
6. Write my posts earlier.  And quit using the fact that for some reason my post scheduler is whack as my excuse as to why I can't post in advance! :) {Anyone else's post scheduler never ever work!? GRRRR}
7. Start my Christmas gift crafting in January.  And really do it this time.  I would *love* for next December NOT to be a repeat of the sweat shop I did this year!

Personal Goals
8.  Host a blanket drive for Project Linus - read about it here
2. Lose weight - get healthy.  Isn't this every one's goal at some point?  Well guess what? I got chosen to be on Win, Lose or Blog so I better get my butt in gear!!!
3. Go to Bible study...regularly.  I know I know I'm bad.  But 2011.  I'm going.  Each week.  And certain boys are going too.  And that includes my big boy and little boy.  
4. Be a little more patient.  Sometimes having a child with special needs is hard.  And really...just because he's pacing and bouncing around....for the past 4 hours non stop....he's not really hurting anything.  Just let it go.  And he lost his lunch money.  3 days in a row.  I guess shame on me too. I was the dummy who kept sending cash huh?   

What are your goals for 2011?

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