Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm Back....hooray for not being sick!

So while I was laying around, not doing much of anything the past few days (oh my gosh.  Friday -- I woke up, put Josh on the bus went back to sleep until 3:00.  Then back in bed by 10.  I don't think I've EVER slept that much) I was thinking.  This is my craft blog.  I love crafts.  {That's why I've got 2 craft blogs} hehe.

But I also want to talk about mommy stuff.  You know.  So I've decided -- I know - you all have heard it before.  I've started another blog. 

We're The Joneses is going to be strictly craftsy stuff from now on.  {That's why your here right??}  I may not post as much but it will be way cool stuff.  Promise.

But IF you are interested... The Supermom Club.  It's the place to be.  You know where all the cool mom's hang out.  (aka. right
I will be posting daily over there. 

Mondays - I'm starting a series called Millionaire Mommy.  Goal: Save a million big ones.  I've got to live rich on a little budget. 

Tuesdays - Recipes.  Here at Joneses we've got sweet Saturdays (which has been neglected.  Sorry..) But at Super Mom it's how to sneak veggies in, recipes, meal planning.  Basically - quick, easy, yummy, healthy, cheap.

Wednesday - Make cleaning more effective and quicker.  Organizing tips.  Simplify.

Thursdays - Things that work.  Or don't.  Reviews on products you want to know about.  And giveaways.  Yea for free!

Fridays - Family days.  Fun family activities.  Cool "holidays'' and kid friendly activities.  {And I'll show some love for the hubby's in our lives!}

Saturdays-  All about us!! We're talking about getting healthy {I know I've gained a few lbs...} beauty secrets, cool clothes {no more showering and putting lounge pants back on for me!}.  Basically.  I thought.  I've got a hot hubby (see picture below) He needs a hot wife!! {I can't honestly say how long this picture will be up...until he notices...And makes me take it down.  That...And I'm SO glad I made him buy that hat!} :)

Sunday - sharing day.  Come share what your kids did this week that was soo funny.  What you made for dinner.  What genius solution you came up with so we don't have to dust.  Anything.
I want this to be a blog-unity (made that word  Get it?)  Not just be writing for someone to read.  But everyone getting to know one another.  Meeting new friends.  Having a good time.

Oh and I wish for world peace too.

But please come join me!! In about 8 hours...I'll have up a new craft for you guys here... and my first post over at SuperMom Club.  {Starting with the first Millionaire Mommy post -- an easy way to save $200!!}

Talk soon!!


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