Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Want a funny story...

So last night.  I decided I wanted a change.  So whats the easiest thing to change?  My hair.  I've dyed my hair since I was 14.  It's been about every color. So while I was at the drug store yesterday I picked up a box of blonde.  Now my hair is dark.  Really dark brown.  REALLY dark.  So the blonde should take it to a light brown.  Nothing major.  But enough ya know?

So I put Josh to bed.  Andy left for work and it was just me.  I started dying my hair.  I used Nice and Easy.  I've never used it before.  Oh my gosh.  First off all.  The SMELL.  Not that hair dye smells good or anything.  But this.  The fumes were horrible.  At one point I just turned my head trying to get some air - and the fumes were burning my eyes.  I had the bathroom door open and I had to go out in the hallway just to breath.  But what could I do?  I had my roots done. 

So I finished.  Showered.  And oh my gosh.  My hair was not dark anymore.  Nor blonde.  NOR light brown.  But more like an orange color.  Are you kidding me?  I've never had this problem! 

What to do?  Josh was asleep.  Andy gone at work.  {Here's the kicker....wait for it....wait for it....}

So I go to bed.  Ug. Wake up.  It's field trip day!  I'm a parent volunteer!  Woo-Hoo!  No time to try to fix my hair.  Andy walks in at 7:45 and just looks at me.  You know that look? Should I laugh?  Should I say something?  Should I pretend I don't notice?  No wait this is to funny not to say something.  Even if she kills me.  Yes.  I have to say something.  And laugh at her.  And brace myself. Yea that look. 

"Nice hair honey."

And well, this is a family friendly blog (because I'm sure kids are reading this...) but I won't tell you my response.  Great field trip.  Glad to look like an idiot.  I'm off to fix my hair.

By the way... Nice and Easy has a review of 2 stars.  And only 32% of people said they would recommend them to someone.  Guess what?  I'm NOT part of that 32%.


  1. ROTFLOL !!!! That's too funny !!! My natural hair color TOO is DARK brown and I've been dying it since I was 17 but never ventured far from Light Auburn at the very lightest. You poor thing...I would have DYED !!! BIG GRIN...it had to be said ;o))))

  2. Ooooh, thank you for the good laugh. I am sure it is terrible but it was great of you to share. My little cousin (15) decided she is bored with blonde (naturally). So my cousin, her aunt, tells her to use jello. Little cuz wasn't impressed.

  3. now i know not to use nice and easy. lol.

    your newest follower from MBC

  4. LOL! Been there, done that. Even had to live with it for 2 days before I had time to dye it again.

  5. I just blogged about Gabe's Gifts and am finally sending you my blankets! Sorry, but I just haven't had my act together this month! :) It sounds like you are doing an awesome job so far!

  6. Love it! Been there and done it. Only didn't realize how bad it looked until I got outside on my way to church. It is sort of like wearing navy hose with a black outfit. Where is a hole to crawl into. Thanks for the memory and the laugh.


  7. Doesn't just suck to learn something the hard way? I've been there too, had to go to an interview with orange hair. I got the job, LOL. That was 7 years ago, and still will not consider dying again, not even highlights. Thanks for the laugh. ;)


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