Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Valentines...Tra la la la la.....

One of my goals for 2011 was to open an Etsy shop. Check me out here!  {I know.  How late am I to jump on that band wagon?!}  So I've been working like a mad woman on coming up with some really cool Valentine's Day Stuff to put in that little shop of mine.  The first thing I put in there were these hand towels:

Cute right?  And guess what?  The first set I put in there...sold in an hour!  I was like woahhhh...Wouldn't it be cool if all stuff sold like that!? LoL.   {see the listing here!}

This is a little bag I thought would be perfect for little girls.  It's the perfect size to collect Valentines (8 1/2 inches long and sits at 6 inches tall).  {See the details here}

I also made this shirt.  Because boys need Valentine's Day stuff too.

 Get it Nothing Bot Love?  A robot?  bwhahaha.  I thought I was clever.  And I even googled it.  And came up with nothing.  I'm sure I'm not the first.  But in mind I'll just think I am. :) Oh and please ignore my child's wild man hair.  That needs to be cut.  Like yesterday.  {shirt listing is here}

I've got a whole list of boys Valentine's phrases that would make cool shirts.  But how many shirts does my son really need for Valentine's Day? {Because I have to make one for him to model right?}  Or do I go ahead and make them?  Any shop owners out there that make clothes?  What sizes sell the best for you?

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