Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kids can Sew!

I forgot about this.  And I can't believe I did, because this was such a simple project that was a huge success!  For the moms, grandmas and teachers Josh wanted (well, Mommy wanted him to) make something.  So we made bookmarks.  Simple?  Check.  Quick?  Check.  Practical?  Check.  And you know what?  They're cute!  Everyone loves them.  And Josh was so proud of himself! 

{Sorry about the lack of pictures.  I didn't even take a picture of the final product!  I'm bummed!}

All you do is cut out a strip of card stock the size you want your book mark.  Let child pick out fabric.  {And don't flinch when out of all fabric he picks your good, I was saving for that special project fabric.  After all.  You said choose fabrics...} Let them cut out shapes.  {Warning: Rotary cutters can be dangerous.  I'm just saying he may or may not have gotten my finger...twice.} Lay them out on the bookmark how he wants them.  And just let them sew away.  I helped him out line the bookmark first and then he went to town making designs throughout the middle.  By the time he was done all the fabric was beyond secure on there! 

Oh, and you may have to remind them that just because it has a pedal does not mean it's a race car. Vrrrrooooooom!

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