Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gabe's Gifts Update and Sponsor Love

Hey dolls!  First let me start by saying guess who joined up with me to help with Gabe's Gifts? Megs from This & That Creative!  Blanket tutorials will also be shown over there and she will be co-hosting the monthly blanket linky party with...Amy from The Idea Room! So every month Amy will also have the linky party up.  Hooray!  AND the tags are being made by Agape Love Designs!  {Because uh.  I suck at stuff like that lol.  Just being honest here.}

I'm so greatful to these ladies.  They really are awesome.  And if they were here I'd squeeze them! :)

And you know who else is awesome?  The gals over at Thread This Fabric.  They donated some fabric for a blanket!  It should arrive any day and I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas.  Their shop is adorable and when they asked me to pick something.  I couldn't! 

Rainy Days and Mondays Riley Blake 1 yard set 2 yards total
Hooty Hoot Kangaroo Owl Roll Call and Blue Mini Dots by Riley Blake 1 yard set of 2
Quite Contrary White and Red Cheery Dots by Riley Blake 1 yard set of 2
OR this Quite Contrary White and Red Cheery Dots set by Riley Blake.  {Can you tell I love Riley Blake? lol}

Well, let's be honest.  Really I'd take 1 of everything! :) But I couldn't decide so they are going to surprise me.  And I'm sure I'll run over and buy the others!  Because their prices are really great.  AND my favorite part?  I love how they pair the fabrics up together!  {You can also get just the individual fabrics} But for me, I always go out and buy the prints...get home want to make something and realize I didn't get anything to match it with! 

So go head over to Thread This Fabric - tell Britney and Amanda I said hi!  They're super sweet gals!  {And soon - they are getting Michael Miller fabrics too! Woo Hoo!}

Don't forget to enter the CSN giveaway here!


  1. This is great! Glad so many bloggers are so supportive! Thanks for sharing your story! Oh and great fabrics...makes me want to start to sew!

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Just going from blog to blog which I love to do and came across your blog. I will certainly be remembering you and your family as your continue to adjust to your loss.
    I was so surprised to see that live in Columbus , Indiana. My son and his family live there. I live in South Carolina...:O) I was in town last weekend visiting:O)


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