Monday, January 17, 2011

Decor chick link up - My house

So I am missing my USB cable.  BUT these pictures were already loaded on my camera.

Decor Chick is linking up

This was one of those things I knew I had to join.  Because well.  I'm embarassed.  But curious.  Does anyone else's table look like this??
For real.  It doesn't always look like this.  Just lately.  Do you see that fabric?  I have a fabric problem.
Because check out my crafting closet.  {Warning: it's an organized mess...}

FABRIC everywhere.  And not to mention all over the table.  And in another shopping bag (yes, I bought more yesterday), on the washing machine, in the washing machine. 

What new fabric came in the mail the other day you ask?

This lovely stack.

These 3 are from Sew mama Sew!  I'll have to take pictures and upload the other 3...and the other 6 yards that came in the mail this weekend. 

{Hides my head in shame}.  My fabric addiction is making me look like I belong on that show Hoarders.  Well, at least my kitchen table look like that.

But I have been re-organizing.  Look at my cabinets.

 Yes, there are like 10 bags of chocolate chips in there.  But Kroger had them way on sale -- think $1.50/bag and I had a bunch of $1.00 coupons.  What can I say.  I guess I need to make cookies.  To give away.
Make cookies with some of these cookie cutters.  Most of which have not been used. 

Take that Hoarders. See.  My house isn't a mess.  Just parts of it. :)

But this post has inspired me.  I'm cleaning out my stash.  I've got a problem.  I buy fabric.  Love it.  And then don't cut it because I want it to be the perfect fabric.  So I'm going through.  Either it has a project or I'm listing it for sale.  Pretty cheap for sale.  So I'll let you know when.  {Obviously fabric that was donated for Gabe's Gifts will not be for sale - Plus it's got a project already picked out!}

And since I just need 1 more person (come on lurkers) to make 100 I'll do a give away of something.  Hmm...what to give....

**UPDATE** just dropped off a package to me.  A small one but still a package non the less. 1 layered cake and 1 yard of Cat in The Hat fabric. 
Neither of which has a specific project in mind.


  1. Aaaahahahahaha! Your fabric problems resemble that of mine...but I just CAN'T seem to keep the stash from growing!

  2. OH MY GOSH!! I'm coming over to help you sew and make cookies!!! Your place looks like fun! :)

    WOOOHOOO! I'm #100! What do I win! lol!

  3. I can't wait to see what fabric you would sell. I'm really interested!! :-)

  4. Cat in the Hat fabric... show me... show me... I am doing a Dr. Seuss Party and am looking all around for cute fabric. I can't wait to see it!

  5. Love your messy table....we have the same problem here. :)

    Hey I realllly like the fabric with the jugs of milk, etc on it. Can you tell me where I could buy some? I'm wanting to make potholders for friends and that would be perfect!

  6. Love the fabric, LOVE the organization!
    Thanks for sharing!


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