Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Features of a different sort today....

So some people are laughing at me.  But I really want a hat.  Really want a hat.  We're pretty boring -- I'd probably end up wearing it to the grocery store. 

But I would.  I would wear it down the cereal aisle with pride.  While matching up my coupons.

Because that is royal.

Royal Wedding Arrivals
Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie
I got the photo here
Now I admit that some hats might seem more extreme.  But I will say -- I like the blue color.  And I like her coat. 
Princess Osborne
Picture from here
I'm kind of a freak for feathers right now.  I think that this one would do well down the Kroger aisles.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex
Picture from here
Love it.  Love it. 

Lady Frederick of Windsor
Picture from here
This one is slightly more "cruise ship" than Royal Wedding in my opinion. But Lady Frederick pulled it off nicely.  She makes it look classy.

Princess Marie-Chantal's hat
Photo from here
I think this hat is great.  The color is gorgeous. I love the flowers.  It looks very British.

Kate is a hat lover too.
I got the photo here
Andy said it looked like one of those old satellite dishes, but I like it :)

I got the photo here
One of my favorites.  So pretty.  So classic. 

I got the photo here
Really?  I'd smile too.  Told you - I'm a sucker for feathers.

So million dollar question.  If I was in line at the grocery store and you saw me wearing one of these hats would you laugh? 

I loved the wedding.  I loved the dress.  I actually just love Kate's (or are we supposed to call her Catherine now?) style.  I hope she brings back the classic styles.  The clean lines.  So classy.  I need a long coat, pearls and a hat. 

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  1. I'm watching the E News pre-wedding right now and am loving all the hats! You should totally rock one at the grocery store AND use your coupons! haha!

  2. I am with you about the hats I just wish that I would be brave enough to wear any of those creations....even to a royal wedding should I ever have the invite.


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