Saturday, April 2, 2011

Autism Print - Love you to Puzzle Pieces

Yes.  It's me.  Again. :)

Today is April 2nd.  Did you know that? 

Well did you know that it is National Autism Awareness Day? 

And April is Autism Awareness month? 

In case you weren't sure. 

This is what Autism looks like. 
And I'm so blessed to be his mom! :)

I have something for all of you who have a child with Autism or maybe you work with someone with Autism.  You can print it out - make it your background - write a special note with it.  Or print it on fabric (you can get packages of printable fabric at Joann's or other craft stores) and just use some heat and bond to attach it to a canvas bag and give it to the fabulous teachers and therapists who help our kids SO much! {can you tell that's what I'm going to do?} :) {Hope Josh's therapists don't happen to read my blog.. well after this they can!!}
Love you to puzzle pieces

Just leave a comment - with your email address - and I will email you the pdf! 
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  1. my mom is an aid in a specail education class shes been doing it for 23 years adn loves it this would be perfect to show how much i care 2 my email is

  2. Love this! I am happy to have found you. I have a son with autism. My blog is called Snippets 'N Stuff. I am now following you and will put your button(s) with the others at the bottom of my blog.

  3. Great idea! What a cool way to raise awareness! Please send the pdf.

  4. Very cool graphic... I plan on sticking it on my son's bulletin board.

  5. I'm also blessed with a son with Autism...and yes I mean BLESSED! I would love to have the pdf. My e-mail address is

  6. I have a nephew who has autism, and I am so happy to have that special spirit in my life.
    I would love to have that pdf, as a reminder of him in our home. My email is


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