Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hunting For Spring

For those of you who don't know...I live in Indiana.  And it's been cold.  And then it got warm.  For a day.  And then cold.  And now it's finally starting to get warm again.  I'm SOOO ready for spring!  Are you?

It's supposed to rain for like the next week so I figured I should probably get out while I could.  I'm so glad I did - signs of spring!  WOO HOO!

Trees starting to grow their leaves back...
Even the weeds are pretty.

Aren't all the flowers in the trees pretty?

Except these trees!  Yowza!  Josh thinks these trees are just the coolest.  Must be a boy thing.
And I got home just in comes the rain! 
So ready for warm & sunny weather to be here! 

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  1. You ain't kidding!! Today is beautiful - I wish it would just stay like that now!!

    If you get a sec, pop on over to Little Brick Ranch to enter the GIVEAWAY!!!


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