Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pillowcase to Tote Bag

(This was originally posted on A Vision To Remember! But I had to show you guys!) 

I'm always finding cool pillowcases at the thrift shop and Goodwill.  And for 50 cents why not pick them up!? 

My son loves Mario.  So when I found this pillowcase it was a no brainer. 

If your son is like mine, then he's on the go -- a lot!  Grandma & Grandpas, friends house, other Grandma & Grandpas, in the car ... go go go! 
Time for a tote bag! 
And pillowcases make it SO quick (about 15 minutes) and EASY!!!

First make your straps.  I cut mine about 24 inches long and 4 inches wide.  You will need 2!

To make the straps fold over one edge to the half way mark and pin. 
Repeat on the other side.  Then fold in half and sew together. 

Figure out which side you want facing and which to be lining.  I chose to have Mario on the inside due to where the fold is.  Plus, we like green so Luigi wins. :)

I cut about 3 1/2 inches off the bottom since this was going to be a child size bag.  Then you cut a small square in each corner. 

{Can you believe it?  That's ALL the cutting!}

Pin the side and bottom.  Leave the top and the square cut outs unpinned.
To place straps, fold the bottom and the sides in.

Pin your straps on giving about an inch to sew securely.  Then flip and pin on the other strap so they are nice and even.
Sew around your pinned edges.  You will want to use a zig zag stitch to make it super secure.

Now you just have the corners.  Pull the inside corners to make a flat base - match up your zig zag stitch that you have done.  Stitch with a zig zag.

Flip right side out.  And your done! {We take Yoshi everywhere!}

Nothing like getting your picture taken first thing in the morning!! {P.S.  You like his Pj's?  Daddy let him pick out jammies last night -- out of my Goodwill pile!! Did he not notice how small that shirt was?! }

Just focus on the bag! :)  Someone is getting a haircut! TODAY!

He really does love the bag.  And I'm happy that it is the perfect size for him to carry his own stuff!  {And I just can't get over this pj/hair situation...lol}

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