Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back. With Photos. With My Philosophy on life.

Alright.  I'm here.  Have no fear.  Computer issues.  But I've stayed busy!

A little late.  I know.  Josh's friend pulled off my tag that said Leprechaun Juice that was attached to my bottle (thanks kid) so it got moved to a shelf up high.  The luck letters I made the same as the LOVE.  {And for some reason they look really dark in this picture but they are a pretty clover green}.  The green candle holder I got at Kohls for $1.99!  {It has a Christmas tree scented candle in it but since I'm not lighting it anyways..} The dice I made for about $2.  And the picture frame has scrapbook paper in it.  It's cute.  Plaid.  With pots of gold. 

Tell me that the candle looks more St. Patrick's Day than Christmas!! I think so!  The dice worked for St. Patrick's Day.  But I actually made it for my vintage game theme.  And then I found these.

Aren't these cool?  I got them at Hobby Lobby.  {I LOOOOOOOVE Hobby Lobby}

One thing that I hate about living in an apartment is....white walls.  And our living room is tiny!  But I suppose if I had to chose between larger bedrooms and a small living room or the other way around I'd take it as is. 
I've got a few things in progress. 

Don't you love those colors?  I can't wait to show you it when it's all done!
**UPDATE: OCD Obsessive Crafting Disorder is giving some of these fabrics away!  Click here to enter**

I've been crafting.  Here's my short philosophy on life.  Opportunities are created not presented.  A friend and I were talking about that earlier today.  An opportunity is never given to you if you've not done anything to warrant it.  So I would like to stay at home.  I would like to craft.  I would like to blog.  And I would like to pay my bills (well, help pay them at least!) So I need to create the opportunity for that to happen. 

That means adding to my store, doing craft fairs, and keeping up with my blogging.  Goal: Add 1 thing to my store each day.  And blog each day. 

So stay tuned for those.  What opportunities are you creating for yourself?

Here are some things I've made to add to my shop.

Easter Shirt.  I love the plaid.  $12.95

Strawberry Shortcake Houndstooth Blanket.  The other side is a soft pink Minky.  It's just so girly.  I adore it.  $45

Anyone still there? :) I just have to showoff Josh's school. 
Isn't his school playground HUGE?  And this is just half of it.  On the other side there is a big boat the kids can get in and it rocks.  And the other side has swings, a smaller play ground, basketball goals and so forth.  It's seriously the coolest. 

Josh is on Spring Break so we've been hanging out. 
So there's my update.  I'll be back tomorrow!  I've got a few projects in my head I want to get done!  So be on the look out for tutorials! :)
Gosh it feels good to be back!

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