Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Craft Room ... Help me pick a paint color!

So I've finally decided to take my crafts out of the closet and turn our extra bedroom into a craft room.  It's kind of a mess right now - computer, Ebay clothes, our holiday decorations.  Plan is to put decorations in big closet that holds all my craft stuff and take all that stuff and put it in here. 

But we don't have any furniture in here.  And I really don't want to go out and buy furniture.  I'm more concerned with buying bedroom furniture! {Which our bed/dresser should be delivered here in a few weeks!}  Oh, and I want to get a pub table.  And a new entertainment center.  And then we will have to get the rest of the bedroom set.  See?  Furniture in here is waaaaaay down the list.

So when I saw our neighbors dragging this outside the other day I jumped on it.  {Andy was way embarrassed that I was hauling in their trash} But this thing has potential!
The top is a little banged up.

But it has drawers!

Granted only 2 drawers because the 2 from the other side are missing.  But either it's going against the wall OR I may have a plan for those. 

Plus it has a chair.  That I don't have a picture of.  But it's got some character.  I like it. 

But it's perfect.  I can put my sewing machine on it.  And my cutting mat.  And I have room for my Cricut.  And just, well, room. 

Million Dollar Question:  What color do I paint it? 


  1. Teal and white? I just envision the brown as a teal kind of color (medium teal, not too light or too dark) and brighten up the white with new paint.

  2. I could see any of the colors from your blog background, especially Honeysuckle (the pink version). =)

  3. I am loving aqua and red together.. and if I found that great table I would be covering the top with some oil cloth!


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