Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guess what...

So we got a new mattress!  Hooray!  Our old one was...well...old.  Did you know that mattresses have a date printed on them.  {Alright.  Hurry up.  I know everyone is running from their computer to go check the date on their mattress.}  Well mine almost made it to it's birthday.  Almost.  2/24/1994. 

1994 people.  My mattress was 17 years old.  No wonder my backs started to hurt.

So this beauty was delivered the other day.

Lady Bird Plush
It's a Paula Deen Lady Bird mattress. And it's oh so comfy.

I've been referring to our bed as Paula.  And Andy has informed me that it's creepy.  "Oh gosh Paula is so comfy."  "I could lay on Paula forever."  Yea.  Ok.  I get how it's kind of creepy.  But seriously.  I love this thing.  Now.  If I didn't have to wait another 3 weeks for our bed to be delivered!!!!

But guess what else I got yesterday.

Andy came home with this fantastic present for me.
D3100 25472
Yup!!! A Nikon D3100.  I'm in LOVE. He was out doing stuff.  And taking forever so I called him. 
 me: "What are you doing?"
him: "I'm walking around the mall."
me: "Whhhat?  You hate the mall."
him: "I'm looking for something."
me: "For 5 hours?  What are you looking for?"
him: "A new wallet."
me: "I just tried buying you a  wallet and you told me yours was fine."

So I'm curious right.  So I call the bank.  Find out there was a big old purchase at H.H.Gregg.  And I say OH MY GOSH. 
Bank guy:  Is there a problem.  Ma'am do you need me to put a stop on your card? 
Me: (Squealing by the way...) HE BOUGHT ME A CAMERA!!!!!
Bank guy: You called us to find out what your Valentine's Day gift was?
Me: Yup.
Bank guy:  Your good.

:)  You bet!

I'm off to play with my new toy for a while.  Lots of buttons.  Lots of buttons.

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